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Infinity Pediatrics has been in the High Desert area since August 2002 in Hesperia, and moved to Apple Valley in September 2013. Infinity Pediatrics has a reputation for thorough care, taking time to fully evaluate your child, answer your questions, and explain your child's health issues. We promote proactive health - building a foundation for a healthy future and disease prevention rather than reacting once problems arise, often too late.

We've been so busy providing well rounded whole patient care we didn't have time to create a website until we moved to Apple Valley in 2013.



David Ahn

For all those patients who have visited our offices during our transition to our EHR (paperless electronic health records), THANK YOU for your patience. It has not been easy.

Our current EHR system, Elation EMR, is actually (finally) working very well, though it still slows us down considerably and requires more work than our paper charts required. But we've been needing to do this for a long time, so it's a necessary evil. And it does improve a lot of things, including no more lost charts, access to patient charts anywhere, any time, allowing patient communications to be more precise and better documented, and my illegible scrawls are a thing of the past. And the patient portal allows patients some access to their own charts, a very positive development.

Because EHR slows us down, please continue to bear with us, as we simply don't have as many appointment slots as we used to have before electronic records. We hope you will enjoy the benefits the system brings as much as we will!

Moving Forward

David Ahn

It's been 8 months since we moved to our Apple Valley office. As with most moves, it's been hectic, but we're getting settled in. We are making progress on many fronts: we have revamped our network hardware and servers to new, completely state of the art servers, upgraded our practice management software, added 8 new workstation PCs in preparation for our transition to paperless charts (EHR, electronic health record), and we are finally poised to install and implement our EHR. We expect weeks of long hours as we set up the new EHR, but it will be well worth it: no more lost charts, no more charts ripping and bursting at the seams, and finally, completely legible notes. But beyond that, it will give us the ability to leverage technology to see who's missed their follow-up appointments or checkups, who's behind on their immunizations, who needs blood work but hasn't done them, and then allows us to remind patients to come in and follow up in order to optimize their health.

It's an exciting time!

New Beginnings

David Ahn

It's been a long time coming. After 11 years in practice in the high desert, we're finally making two moves: moving the office from our original space in Hesperia to the Apple Bear Center in Apple Valley, and finally launching a web site.

My primary purpose in launching this site is to give patients more access to us. I believe being able to communicate more freely will improve patient care, reduce urgent care and ER visits through better support through illnesses, and reinforce lifestyle changes with more information and reinforcement. My goal is a closer partnership with parents to improve the future of our patients.

Welcome to our web site. Stay in touch!

David Ahn, MD